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If you're careful when you search "book optometrist appointment," you'll be able to find optometrists that either have a large selection of eyeglasses and contact lenses.


Overall, the best optometrist has the advanced training to enhance your child’s comfort, vision, quality of life, and health.


A trip to the optometrists can help keep your vision strong and identify eye diseases early enough.


Learn common signs to look for that could signify that your child needs glasses.

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Learn all about how your child can get a contact lens exam to help ensure that they can see as accurately as possible.

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Following these tips can help you achieve more during your next optometrist appointment.

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Discover everything you need to know about contact lens exams and how focusing on appointments to get contact lenses can change your life.

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While it may sound tempting to try and wear your two-week contacts for a month or more, this can put your eye health at risk and it is something that all eye care specialists strongly advise against.

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Ensure you schedule your appointment at a time your child is most active and fresh. It is also vital to speak to them about the importance of eye care services.

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Our eyes are incredibly important. We cannot go through our daily lives with ease without good vision, and a lot of degenerative eye conditions can be treated

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The quality of services should be the number one factor when selecting a reliable optometrist. Make good use of the internet to obtain the right information on the quality of eye care services.

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Your eye care specialist is the best source of information when it comes to deciding whether or not eyeglasses or contact lenses will be best to improve your vision. Your eye care specialist can discuss your options and help you to make an informed decision.

Your eye care specialist can do both a regular eye exam for glasses an offer eye care services that include a contact lens exam. Most people do not realize that there are separate contact lens exams. Getting the support you need starts setting an appointment with the experienced optometrist Phoenix eye care patients trust.

Are Contact Lenses Right for You?

There are some clear advantages to opting for contact lenses. A lot of people prefer contact lenses because they prefer the aesthetic of contact lenses. Other people prefer contact lenses because they would prefer not to have to keep up with traditional eyeglasses.

However, contact lens options are not right for everyone. Here are some reasons that contact lenses may not be right for you:

  • You work or live in an environment where there is a lot of dust and fine particle exposure. Contact lens wearers can find that in especially dusty environments that they experience a high level of irritation.
  • You suffer from severe dry eye conditions. Overly dry eyes can be a challenge in and of itself, dealing with contact lenses may increase this condition.
  • You are uncomfortable with inserting things in your eyes.

Another reason to seriously consider whether contact lenses are right for you is that there is a much higher incidence of eye infections among contact lens wearers. There are about 1 million people that suffer from eye infections every year that require they visit with eye care specialists and many of them are related to contact lens wear.

Are Eyeglasses Right for You?

Eyeglasses certainly come with less risk, but of course, you do not get the same aesthetic with eyeglasses, and you also have to keep up with them. Eyeglasses require careful handling and proper storage.

For many people that need corrective lenses, they opt for a half and half approach. There where their contact lenses half the time and eyeglasses for half the time. This can be a great balance that allows them to have the aesthetic they want when they need it, but also have a backup option that they can use when they need to.

Learn more about contact lens options, eyeglass options, and which options are best for you by making an appointment today.