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Contact Lens Exams: They Aren’t Just for Adults

Learn all about how your child can get a contact lens exam to help ensure that they can see as accurately as possible.

Did you know that one in four kids have an undetected vision problem? It can be difficult for a child to tell you that their vision is not right. What they are capable of seeing is what is normal for them. This is one of the main reasons your child needs eye care from the best optometrist.

What Do Eye Exams Normally Entail?

An eye exam for a child will entail many aspects. One of which is whether they should be fitted with eyeglasses or contact lenses. This brings up the question, how old does a child have to be to use contacts? A contact lens exam will help answer that question and many others.

When Is the Best Time for a Child to Get Contacts?

Nearly 37 million people in the United States wear contact lenses. Of those 37 million people, some contact lens users are teens and kids. The main factor for determining if a child is ready to wear contacts is their maturity level. Are they already showing signs of being responsible at home and at school? If you can answer yes, it could be time for a contact lens exam.

Cases Are Analyzed Individually

You may be surprised to learn that your child is ready for contact lenses. An optometrist will conduct a contact lens exam that determines the best form of vision correction for your child. There are a plethora of lenses available that are an ideal fit for many preferences and needs. First, it’s important to know how to prepare your child for an eye exam and then understand what a contact lens exam entails.

How to Prepare Your Child for an Eye Exam

It is a good idea to explain that an eye exam is not scary, especially to younger children. Many optometrists offer a kid-friendly eye exam that is less stressful and quick. Your child’s eyes could be tested to see how well they see letters and colors. Eye exam equipment will also be used to determine other aspects of ocular health. The goal is to provide eye exam services including a contact lens exam so your child is set for a lifetime of great eye health.

What Exactly Is an Eye Exam for Contact Lenses?

When it has been determined that your child is a good candidate for contact lenses, they are ready for a contact lens exam. This type of exam includes the initial comprehensive eye exam as well as a contact lens consultation. During this part of the exam, measurements will be taken to find out what the proper type of lens fit is for your child.

Innovative contact lenses are being developed every day so they are more accessible, comfortable, and convenient. Your child’s optometrist will discuss health and lifestyle considerations that will impact the precise type of contacts that are perfect for them. Options include monthly disposable lenses, daily disposables, rigid gas permeable lenses, and soft lenses. If your child has a particular eye condition, their optometrist will be able to recommend a specific brand and type of lenses that provide optimal comfort while meeting their vision needs.

Make an Appointment at Paradise Valley Eye Care

A leading optometry clinic will provide excellent eye care for your child. Schedule eye exams that can help determine if your child is ready for the responsibility that comes with contact lenses. Comprehensive eye exams are all about ensuring your child gets the best care so they enjoy a lifetime of excellent vision and eye health.